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MeatCulture: our project for sustainable meats through the meeting of different food cultures and agri-food innovation

The project "MeatCulture - Conservation and processing of bovine meat born and reared in Sardinia for traditional and multicultural local markets" - funded under sub-measure 16.2 of the Rural Development Program of the Region of Sardinia, is an interdisciplinary project aimed at developing innovation technology on the techniques of maturation and handling of meat, in order to improve the qualitative characteristics and enhance the raw materials, taking into account the evolution of local eating habits and the entry of multicultural consumers. The main expected result of the project is the increase in the diffusion on the market of beef from a supply chain entirely developed in Sardinia, with process quality and sensory characteristics that can be appreciated by the consumer, and the enhancement of those parts of the fifth quarter for traditional local markets. and multicultural.

MeatCulture is developed by the Arborea Producers Cooperative through the coordination of agronomist Roberto Lai. The University of Sassari, with the departments of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, is responsible for giving its support to the scientific development of new products and processes of maturation of meat and conservation and transformation of the fifth quarter bovine. Professor Alessandra del Caro and prof. Christian Scarano, respectively for the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Veterinary Medicine, assisted by prof. Costantino Fadda, Dr. Maria Grazia Farbo, Dr. Simone Pulina, Dr. Francesca Piras and other collaborators. Also in the UNISS context, prof. Luciano Gutierrez and Dr. Maria Sabbagh deal with the study aspects of the market. The dissemination of the results and the organization of the events are by the Cinearena di Sassari coop. The MeatCulture project has a duration of two years and officially started on 9 March 2021 following the approval of the loan of 396,513.68 euros (equal to 100% of the costs) by the Argea agency of the Sardinia Region.


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